Successful variety days for Royal ZAP/Semagri

The first week of November we organized the Potato Variety Days 2021 and we can look back on a successful and pleasant event! If you had the opportunity to attend, we would like to thank you for your interest. If you had not the opportunity to visit us, you can always contact us without obligation for all information about our potato varieties.

Three highlight varieties!

The climatic conditions are changing and we need to start growing potato varieties that are suitable for these conditions in all segments such as fresh and industrial potato varieties. Due to their perfect storage properties, Dunastar and Janke from Royal ZAP are examples of new varieties that have received more attention in recent years. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in countries abroad. Saprodi from Semagri Holland is a new variety for the starch and flakes industry.


The Semagri starch variety Saprodi is very suitable for processing into starch, but also for the flakes industry. The variety delivers an above-average yield per hectare and a high dry matter content. In addition, the variety hardly produces any sugars during the storage season. Saprodi has a very good resistance against nematodes and wart disease. This makes the variety very interesting for both, the grower and the processing industry.
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Images provided by “Videofarmer”

4 = Susceptible
5 = Moderately susceptible
6 = Slightly susceptible
7 = Moderately resistant
8 = Highly resistant
9 = Not susceptible / resistant

RS = relative susceptibility
* = own preliminary research