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Harvest 2022 for Royal ZAP & Semagri at our demofield

In late April, early May we were able to establish our demo fields.
As in previous years, we have established demo fields where both existing varieties and promising numbers are tested. We did this at about four locations in the starch growing area. Two on sandy soil and two on valley soil.
The number SL 07 – 12 will be here from this year under the assigned variety name SOLUTION.

Nitrogen – fertilization trial

In addition to these regular demo fields, we also have a fertilization trial in Annerveenschekanaal, where we have applied different nitrogen levels in about four varieties.
These are varieties that are currently starting to find their way into practice:
– Solution (SL 07 – 12)
– Senata
– SL 12 – 305
– Simphony

Solution (formerly SL 07 – 12) will, as things stand now, be included in the variety list next year. The expectations we have of this variety are not only based on the mostly above average yields of this variety and its probably low N – requirement.
In particular, these expectations are driven by the resistance levels of this variety to both AM and the various physios of Wart Disease.

Senata is a variety being grown by growers for the first time this year for industrial processing.
It can be used for both starch and flake processing.
The variety has early development and tuber setting and is excellent for harvesting in the early season (late August/September).
Senata generally gives a nice sorting and high tuber yield.
The starch content, compared to other varieties, tends to lag a bit behind. It may be possible to vary the N-supplements without sacrificing too much tuber yield.

SL 12 – 305 has been tried and tested for a number of years and is also on all four variety demos. The number has left good impressions there as far as starch yields are concerned. In addition to its resistances, SL 12 – 305 also has a high AM tolerance. However, the variety is very late maturing. Perhaps the standard fertilization on the variety demos is to blame for this. That is why this number is in the fertilization trial where perhaps the ripening time can be brought forward by low N – inputs. Without any major impact on the yields of this issue.

Simphony has been available for some time. The variety is now starting to make a bit of a name for itself.
Simphony is a dependable and relatively easy potato. The variety has high resistance figures for Phytophthora (foliage and tuber) and also has good resistances to soil-borne diseases and pests. Simphony also performs well in periods of high temperatures and drought. The storability of the variety is excellent and therefore it is well suited for late delivery. Like Saprodi, Simphony can be marketed both in starch and flake processing. So reason enough to also bring this variety to the attention of growers at a fertilization trial.

Open days.
As in previous years, we will organize open days again this year where you can learn about the varieties and different numbers. And in Annerveenschekanaal of possible differences in fertilization of the four mentioned varieties.
You will be informed about this via mailing and/or trade journals.

Planting demo field Odoorn/Exloo, May 2, 2023.

4 = Susceptible
5 = Moderately susceptible
6 = Slightly susceptible
7 = Moderately resistant
8 = Highly resistant
9 = Not susceptible / resistant

RS = relative susceptibility
* = own preliminary research